Becoming Unprofitable

The third chapter of Romans gives us valuable insight to a world without God. Besides the descriptions of reprobate minds in chapter one, the apostle, again, describes the consequences of life without God. As I study God’s Word the Holy Spirit continues to pull out ideas and phrases that enlighten my understanding of God’s incredible love for me. 

I do not consider myself as very knowledgeable in the ways of the world. However, as I see the fake news, the right news and ogle the world around, I can see that God’s Word accurately applies and warns of coming consequences for choosing life without Him.

The social and cultural movements of countries have been hijacked by people consumed with deceit. It is global and is the cause for all chaos and misery. The humans in official positions have sold their souls to become powerful and rich. They have long ago left off building their empires and are making good on their end of the devilish deal, making human kind as miserable as possible to fool us into believing that a loving God does not exist. The church has stood silent for the most part and now the evil is coming for us. 

I don’t doubt the world has been here before. True accounts of history include, utterly despicable acts inspired by religious sects, and barbaric practices of wicked dictators. The satanic and idolatrous rituals require sacrifice of humans with an appetite that is insatiable. (Leviticus 18&20)There are plenty of religious sects that veil this need by describing certain enemies which must be annihilated in a prescribed manner proclaiming it to be an holy war or jihad. No matter what it is called it is demonic and an abomination in the eyes of our true and loving God. 

Jesus was clear when He charged the disciples with paying to Caesar what is Caesar’s and paying to God what is God’s. (Luke 20:25)This earthly realm has need of laws and rules because those moving away from God are destined to prey and pull at those moving toward God. Denominations and governments are equally guilty in this fight for allegiance of the humans they rule. Yet, they are out of order when they set themselves up as gods to be appeased before individual freedoms are granted. A person who voluntarily belongs to Jesus develops a bend to things pure, holy and pleasing to God. (Romans 13:5-14)God created us in His image and knowingly gave us the universe of resources to fuel our industrious and creative pursuit of happiness. It all must be centered around Him to be profitable.

We humans are unable to be happy without God. It should come as no surprise, then, as a people drift from God, they move into ideologies of restriction, dictation and destruction. Seeking equality by those things unrelated to justice. Developing theories and solutions by man’s imaginations and materials. We are unable to foster profitable without God. The more push there is to social and economic equality the farther we move away from liberty and profitability.

We are made in the image of God. There is no escaping the need and desire to own property, ideas and build incredible things. Our God makes it clear, in the scriptures, that it is good to leave an inheritance. Yet, we live in a world that punishes both the giver and receivers of inheritance. All of these ideas to stifle prosperity flourish as our  nation’s majority move away from God. It is our choice to become unprofitable.

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