Bumble Humble

The Ultimate Servant did not choose His part. His role in the salvation of humankind was ordained at the beginning of time. (Philippians 2:7-8) Written in the signs of heaven was the Master's plan. His willing participation required humility in the perseverance of guaranteed success. 

So Jesus teaches us to be humble because that's what it takes to help people know Him. I don't naturally go after people who are prideful and all about themselves. In fact, I even get a bit miffed at those I know who are selfish. Yet, how exactly do I serve others? How deep does my thankfulness and obedience run?

My family or job may give me authority but do I exercise that authority with humility? Do I keep the welfare and the humbling position of my subordinates at the forefront of my mind? (Luke 22:24-27) Jesus never allowed His position as God's Son to cloud His  understanding of my disadvantage and need. He spent time with the likes of me though He could gaze across time.(Luke 6:17-26)

God in His magnificent glory treats me with such tenderness so I may bumble through this life relying on Jesus to create in me a humble servant.

The Bible tells us over and over how God feels toward the persons that obey Him. The obedience He is talking about is not the kind that tries to find a loophole. It is an obedience that is, maybe, viewed by the world as extreme. No matter hat I will serve the Lord with obedience. Do I trust that God will bless me because I love, serve and obey Him?(Psalm 128:1-4)

Look, here, how the Lord feels toward those that neglect and ignore Him. So does the scripture say that I will be more blessed if I obey the Lord? Well, the context in this passage is toward a people not called by His name that have rejected His people.  He promises revenge on them. He say His servants will have food, drink and rejoicing. I don't see how I can be a servant if I am not serving God. If I am disobedient, then I am not serving.(Isaiah 65:11-16)

The hope I have is an eternal blessing through Jesus Christ. To the full assurance of hope, which I shall not have if I bate my diligence. The way I live speaks to who I serve. Who is my Master? How I honor Jesus with my thoughts, actions and work? Is my loyalty to Jesus obvious in my actions?(Hebrews 6:10-12) Yes, I know that God honors those who honor Him. Only you can answer the question about who God is to to you.

Mickey Kyler 09/09/2019


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