Death's Antagonist

Jesus, Prince Of Life, came that we might know His power over death. God did not need to prove to us that He has this power. He wanted us to see it. We brought death to ourselves but Jesus brought life. Jesus says, "I am glad I was not, here." This statement is to the need, of the disciples, our need, to know His absolute power over death. In fact, one commentary points out that never is it noted that death is where Jesus goes. I mean each description of Jesus ministry is the arrival of life. Jesus does not minister anywhere that death wins. 
We have a very real witness to life after death in our natural world. Spring is the antagonist of death. By this natural occurrence, we are ever reminded that because of Jesus the physical death maybe nothing more than a rest before a better life. We have a tendency to think that this life is all there is. Yet, if we look into the natural world we find that spring brings a new opportunity of growth and production. 
I do not know what our job in heaven will be, other than praising God. How wonderful to imagine, though, that we will be transformed to be more productive? So it is, Jesus has promised us eternal life. New physical attributes to help us, in this eternity, to serve and praise Him. 
No other God worshipped, among men, has this power of life. The power to create, give and restore life belongs only to the One, True God and His Son, Jesus. No other, knits us together in the womb, decides which sperm and egg will be life.  Man can create a perfect environment for life but we have no power to make something alive. As we see through the scriptures, anyone can end life but only Jesus gives it again. Salvation is as simple as acknowledging, I need life and it is only available in Jesus. Lazuras, Mary, Martha and the disciples seen it, experienced it so we can know, our God has the power of life. Jesus is death's antagonist! Jesus died for us and though our faith may lead us to persecution and death, it is not required to be forgiven for ourselves or anyone, else. Jesus is life!
John 11

Mickey Kyler 5/28/2019

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