Dreadful Separation

Luke 17:20-37

Sober believers anticipating the return of Christ should be anxious to share God’s love with all who will listen. They know that time is running out and an horrible separation will begin. The saints will be gathered as the bride of Christ and taken up. In these last days, the church should be anxiously proclaiming the gospel of God. Separated unto the gospel means living and striving to live purely and unto the glory of God. Easter Sunday has slipped past and we know that our parents, brother, sister, spouse and/or child is not, truly, surrendered to Jesus. Do we understand the separation that will occur at His coming?

The following is a clip from Ryle, J. C. "Commentary on Luke 17:4". "J. C. Ryle's Expository Thoughts on the Gospels".

(The meaning of these expressions is clear and plain. The day of Christ's second advent shall be the day when good and evil, converted and unconverted, shall at length be divided into two distinct bodies. The visible Church shall no longer be a mixed body. The wheat and the tares shall no longer grow side by side. The good fish and the bad shall at length be sorted into two bodies. The angels shall come forth, and gather together the godly, that they may be rewarded; and leave the wicked behind to be punished. "Converted or unconverted?" will be the only subject of enquiry. It will matter nothing that people have worked together, and slept together, and lived together for many years. They will be dealt with at last according to their religion. Those members of the family who have loved Christ, will be taken up to heaven; and those who have loved the world, will be cast down to hell. Converted and unconverted shall be separated for evermore when Jesus comes again.)

No one will escape this sorting. We look around this world and there is evil lurking everywhere. We must go about our business but Christ must come with us. I want to talk to my friends and family about how great my God is! Whenever, I can I love to have discussion about God’s Holy Word and how it coincides with our life, today. What verses and scripture we can recall and lookup, which specifically have affected or address an issue today. I LOVE THAT!

Do you know what I hear around me from people I love and care deeply for? Oh, here we go, again. Sometimes they leave the room or stand nearby throwing hints that they are ready for subject change or they just want to leave. How could we gather for Resurrection Celebration and not talk about Jesus and His Resurrection?

It is important to me to be able to engage in conversation about God, Our Father and His Son, my Lord Jesus Christ. I feel like something is missing when He is not part of my conversation.

Do you long for time in the holy scripture like or more than you crave other things? Do you function fine without it? Is devotional time something you do, if you have time? How important is it to you? Is your commitment to Jesus the most important thing? If it is then is it obvious in your words and deeds?

A separation is coming, my dear, brothers and sisters, will you be with me? Only you can answer.

Mickey Kyler


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