Envy is it’s Name

We live in a world that persecutes Christians and has since before Jesus died, for us. America has recently become hostile though not necessarily terroristic toward Christians, yet. Jesus warns us of this in the New Testament. The Old Testament has stories of the Israelites, also, being persecuted because of their following the One True God. I wondered why would people spend so much energy and effort hating on Christians?

The truth is that this hatred stems from envy. Think about the first Murder recorded in the Bible. It was Cain, who murdered Able, because he was envious of Abel’s relationship with God. (Genesis 4:5-13) Cain did not want anything that Abel had, he was coveting Able’s ability to be at peace with God, no matter the sacrifice. 

Again, we see King Saul after the anointed David. Saul was envious of David’s relationship with God. David had nothing on Saul. Yet, time and again he was murderous toward David. Same thing, later, when Jezebel had all the prophets killed. She did not want anything they had, she wanted to control God and was envious of anyone who would be receptive to His mercy and blessing. Then finally, Jesus. His torturous enemies didn’t want anything from Him, they were envious of His authority from God and His ability to live in a way that attracted people to do right because of love not force.

I believe this struggle is still the same. We, who accept Jesus, as God’s Son, understand that our forgiveness is the grace of God. We let go of our human pride and cling to this hope. When we do this, we are unable to live out covetous behavior. First, we know that God hates it. Secondly, such feelings are tormenting. They lead us into discontentment and angry hatred, which is akin to murder. 

However, those that hate us, do so, because they are envious. They have been convinced that their god is the real god. Yet, they have no peace, no contentment. They must constantly be doing something to earn a right standing or gain some prestige in the sight of their god, or gods. They must change everyone who does not agree with them. We must agree with them, live by their ideas or be punished. It is not the way we think that they hate, it is us. 

They hate that we can be happy serving God, who died for us, not that we must die for Him. Our mission is to share the good news and freedom in Jesus not make people believe us. We can be poor or wealthy, healthy or not, Lord or servant, it matters not and we remain joyful. 

The founders of our country knew that the liberty found in Jesus Christ internally will affect the external life of every born again Christian. This is a catalyst for enjoying a good life no matter what station God calls us to. These guiding principles make a way for freedom of religion and the glorious opportunities for every individual to create wealth. Let us be vigilant for Christ living free of envy, free of hatred, examples  of godliness that do not compromise faith, liberty or values in the name of love.

Mickey Kyler 5/19/20

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