Faith Enough for Friends

He saw the faith of friends and healed the paralytic, inside and out. John 2:5 

I am responsible for bringing the message of God's grace to my friends. Ephesians 2:8

My belief changes everything for people I know. James 5:15 

(All scripture referenced NKJV)

This story always surprises me.  I can't imagine having enough friends that would carry me up a building and lower me into a hole, to be healed. This guy had some wonderful friends. This example, though, shows us our responsibility toward friends and neighbors. The friends believed enough to act out that Jesus would heal their paralyzed friend. To make the scenario even more interesting, did you know, Jews believed that if you had sin in your life you could not be healed? This would mean, then, the friends knew or suspected that the paralyzed man was responsible for his own condition. Yet, unlike many church attending Christians, today. The friends loved on him, believed all things were possible, loaded him up and made the trek up the building, down to Jesus.

The next reference reminds us that we are saved by grace, not by works. How do people know what GRACE is? How will they know the message of God's grace if we don't believe enough to share it? It's our responsibility, my responsibility, to share what God's grace is doing for me. Do our friends, my friends, know that Jesus healed me and that's how I know Jesus will heal them? Do I have faith enough for friends?

What I really believe changes everything for people that know me. I have faith enough to bring them up in prayer. I have faith enough to overlook some offense they committed and talk with them about God's grace and forgiveness. I have faith enough to believe all things are possible because I want what Jesus wants, my friends to know Him. Who will I bring to Jesus? Will I have faith enough for friends, Jesus is coming?!

by Mickey

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