How to Increase

Philippians 1:9-11 gives the recipe for success. We have known it all along. From young children, we know basically right from wrong. We are tarnished as we grow letting go of what we know for what we prefer. Yet, when we repent and draw close to God, He restores us to that former knowing by the Holy Spirit. The more we listen and drawn near to God, the more wise we become. The affects of spending time in the word of God and practicing obedience are beneficial for spiritual growth. 

Myself, the more I understand how God loves me, His character and His nature, the more understanding I have of how I can love Him better. All of it is rewarding. Just as Proverbs 4:18 says, it just gets brighter and brighter. Hold fast to be strong Job 17:9, that we might endure to the end.

Last night, at Soulshakers, we watched the documentary, Monumental, put together by Stephen McDowell and Kirk Cameron. Kirk goes on an expedition to discover the recipe for liberty. He wants to find it so that he can influence his community toward liberty because as a nation we have lost the understanding and value of liberty. He wants it for his kids.

The world would have us believe that someone or few people are responsible for our liberty. Yes, even in many conservative circles the credit for American greatness starts with the founding fathers. The truth is far from this. The truth is that the formers and the founders of our nation gave the credit and authorship of liberty to God through Jesus Christ. The successes of our nation are solely dependent on God and those willing to be used of Him. Do you feel let down and lied to? You should because, we have been. The first Bibles printed in the Colonies were printed by Congress for families to be able to teach their children how to be free. Bibles were printed for text books to be used in the schools. In the early 1960’s our country leaders bought the lie that separation of church and state meant Bible and prayers shouldn’t be in schools. By the time I was a student, in Christian schools, the Bible was only one, very small, part of my curriculum.   I was being taught as commanded by government. 

Today, our nation is weak and ailing. I think we are spiraling in the brokenness of man made success. We are at the end because man is not the One, True God. Our laws and rules are flawed. More of laws will not make us increase or bring success. To increase we must be personally accountable and aware of our response to God and His word. The founders of this country knew that God’s law is complete, everything worth anything is in His word. All civilizations that stray from loving Jesus Christ are doomed to fail. Do you want increase, in your life? Study and apply God’s word, the truth shall set you free!

Mickey Kyler


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