It's All Good


I have power to become heir of God through Jesus. John 1:12

God has only good for me, in spite of my natural tendencies. Romans 8:28

No person, no mistakes can undo me because God is for me. Romans 8:31

God's love for us is so amazing! The most incredible thing about it, is that because of Jesus it's always available to anyone. Yet, we often go through our daily life much like we are looking for the glasses that are gently resting on the top of our head. God has gifted the Holy Spirit with the power to convict us. I can reject and strive against it, until I believe that Jesus is nothing more than a figment of imaginations. I can accept and bend, receiving grace and mercy. We that bend and give in to God find safety in our liberty through Jesus. I am an heir of the Eternal King. The glasses are found, that they were never lost and I am thankful for the protection and can focus on my direction.

He promises to take good care of me. In spite of my natural tendency to do things outside the law, God wants to make my life, "all good". I believe that God can take my gravest errors and use it for my good. God wants to be personal with me. He allows me liberty that causes me to want more of Him. My guilt and consequences of sin prove to draw me nearer to Him. The change needed in me begins, again. I can see my life as, "all good" because God is working along in me.

There is no other love, like this. God has always got my back! Jesus makes my repentance into the factory that spins tragedy toward triumph. God is for my good and who can dare to stand against that? I can be a Yorkshire Terrier acting like a Pit Bull for Jesus because God has got this. My mistakes, frustrations and sin can be laid at the feet of Jesus. I can laugh at today's struggles and face tomorrow's trouble because I know God is going to work it out. Great is His faithfulness in His love for me.

Mickey & Dave

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