Knows My Heart

He knows all men. Hebrews 4:13NKJV

He knows our reasoning. Mark 2:8NKJV

He understands me. Psalm 139:2 NKJV

Sometimes people make judgements on me, assumptions about me and decisions about how I think or feel based on their own ideas, preferences or perceptions. We all have agendas and many times our own agendas are inflected on others. Fortunately, God knows all men so both the judge's and the victim's intent are clear to Him. No matter the accusations that people throw at me, God knows me and He knows my thoughts when I think them. It doesn't really matter if they are ridiculous or outlandish, intelligent or foolish. He knows me.

He, also, knows my reasoning no matter how flawed it is. God has made me and He knows when I am sharp, with my critical thinking, and when I am not. Even more fantastic He never calls me, "Stupid". In fact, He made a salvage plan for stupid. The truth is, no one always has clear reasoning but God gave me Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help me do and overcome that which would be impossible in my own strength. 

God understands me. When my agenda does not match those around me, I feel like people don't understand me. Last week was particularly difficult for me. The most difficult part was that other people made judgements against me based on their own agendas. They say that they understand but they really have no clue. Then the accusations began and their inability to understand became painfully clear. It's a wonderful comfort that God understands my frustration, my hurt and He has no agenda. He knows my thoughts and intentions. He knows my heart.

From Mickey

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