Living Preciously

I have trouble explaining to others the incredible love of God, toward them. (John 3:16)The gift that Jesus gives us and how that makes us so precious to God, exhausts the languages. This morning, I was praying that an illustration would come to me that would be valuable for sharing the love God has for me. 

God owns all the creatures and perfect creations in all the universes but some are more precious than others, kind of like toys in a child’s toy box. (Isaiah 43:7) If you ever watched A Toy Story, you know that some toys are just more precious. They may not be pretty or even unique but they are the ones we carry and/or hold or the memory of them, dear and close, long after adulthood. Why? We might not even know why, just because. 

Jesus is the reason that we are precious to God. (Romans 5:6-9)Without Jesus we are like all the other toys in the box, the forgotten ones. We will grow old, tattered and maybe unrecognizable by the sin and pain of life. Jesus gives us that special something that God loves and promises to hold on to for all eternity. (Ephesians 5:2) Jesus keeps us out of the burn pile and out of the thrift store boxes. 

We grow up in a world that requires proof of everything. People will look at our lives and judge if we belong to Jesus by the way we lose our temper, hold loosely to our commitments, the good that we do and the commandments we don’t keep.(Romans 7:18-19)

God doesn’t judge us that way. Do you belong to Jesus? (John 14:6) By the law, we can never be saved. The rule is, we can’t be saved unless every law is kept perfectly. (Galatians 3:10-13)

Jesus makes us righteous so that we want to be righteous. We don’t always accomplish doing what’s right, good or just. However, the entire reason Jesus came, died and rose again was to free us from the judgement of the law. (John 5:22-23) Satan is seeking to keep us away from God. He hates us and as many of us that he can keep from being covered, by the special something of Jesus, are what fills his toy box. Like that bully kid who grabs toys but doesn’t want any of them. If we belong to Jesus and Satan knows he can’t get us, he will do whatever he can to wreck us. He does this because he knows that it hurts God to see His precious ones struggle.(1 Corinthians 2:9)

It is my comfort and joy to know this. For a long time, I have been hearing “By their fruits you will know them”. As a young person I was taught that “fruit” were those I brought to know Jesus. (Matthew 7:16-20) The problem with this is, I kept believing that I was bringing bad fruit. Many of the people I love and have shared Jesus with have gone on to make some very bad, hurtful and spiritually destructive decisions. Others have openly question their faith in Christ. Every single question slams me with accusation of bringing rotten fruit. It steals all of my joy.

No, No, No. I am going to reject this kind of speaking and thinking. I am disobedient, sometimes. I allow my self to drift sometimes. I make bad decisions and I am at fault for stumbling faith from time to time. I have the Jesus something. (1 John 1:9) God holds me precious! I know that Jesus is mine, even though I don’t deserve it. This is what makes me special, to God. This is what gives me hope, joy, kindness, love, patience and peace. (Galatians 5:22) This is how I can live preciously for God, in a fallen world.


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