Most Important Talent

Not too long ago, I was watching a documentary about the Bible. The narrator was a woman who was trying to prove that the Hebrew people, of the Old Testament, had more than one God. She was trying to prove that the Bible is not true. Her problem was that she did not understand the Bible. She did not understand the context of it to the nation of Israel or to the Christians of today.

The Bible is the story of God’s relationship with people. The past, present and future of our relationship with Him. The humans of earth have always been and always will be God’s favorite, best and most loved creation. 

Going through Genesis, we can see how all nations knew of the One, True God. Follow Abraham’s journey. See how not once, but twice, he lied about his relationship with Sarah. The Pharaoh and the King both immediately called on the God of Abraham because they knew that the recent sourness had to do with Sarah. They had no problem asking God, “what’s going on and why is this happening?”

Let us dig a bit further. Ismael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, was blessed by God. Yet, the fighting between the Israelites and Ishmael’s descendants continue to this day. Esau and Jacob same thing. It is clearly envy and selfishness. It is wanting and expecting the One, True God to do things our way and not being willing to take that He gives us, happily to invest wisely. It started with Cain, who expected God to accept his offering, which did not meet God’s standard.  The humans are the ones who have corrupted the story. It is because of pride and envy that there is so much pain, destruction and strife in this world.

God was never strictly for the Hebrew nation. However, He entered into a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their descendants would be held to a higher standard and when they didnt keep their end, the consequences were grave. The reason is because God was sending the redeemer, for all, through their line. He gave them the law, “I am your God, you should have no other.” “Do not make anything that represents me.” (Exodus 20:2-5) It sounds easy but it’s not. Time and time again, the Israelites struggled with praying to things or beings beside this One, True God. God wanted the Israelites to obey His law and worship Him only, so that all the peoples of the world would know that their One God possessed all the powers that the pagan nations bestowed among many gods. When Israelites obeyed God, He blessed them in every aspect for personal liberty and national success. When they disobeyed God and His law the consequences were almost annihilating. This history is necessary, in order, to understand the kind of relationship God wants with you.

As born again, believers, we should have a desire to obey the Bible and God’s laws because they are good for us and bring us to experience God’s gifts in amazing ways. God sent His, Son and gives us His Spirit because on our own we cannot meet the holiness of God. (Romans 3:23) Jesus is our redeemer, only by Him can we know God. No matter how great or small our individual gifts are, a faithful trust and reliance in Jesus will be satisfying and fruitful. (Romans 3:25)

The one talent that, absolutely, every human has been given is Jesus Christ for access to God. (John 3:16) It is up to us what we will do with it. We can use Jesus for forgiveness,  prayer to God for understanding, wisdom, healing, comfort, provision, more gifts to share, and peace. We can deny that God exists and reject Jesus, like burying the one talent.(Luke 19:20-24) 

What have you done with the most important talent? What or who do you trust to provide everything you need? Who do you pray to? Are you investing that one talent or have you buried it? How are you investing the gifts God has given you?


Mickey Kyler



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