Precious Treasure

4 We have been rescue from the tyranny of evil, because Jesus makes us worthy of God’s inheritance. This should make our hearts soar with praise and thanksgiving. (Colossians 1:12-1) Do you feel an overwhelming joy? It should well-up inside and make you excited to share with everyone. It should give you unmatched compassion and love for human lives because that is how Jesus loves us. Our anger with other ideas, cultures and beliefs should be aimed at the perpetual lies that enslave people and keep them from knowing the grace and peace of God. We should be angry about  the actions that such lies inspire. We should always remember that God’s sorrow is for those lost and His wrath is toward the evil practices that cost the precious physical and spiritual lives of the humans He loves.

Colossians 1:19 describes God’s pleasure with with Jesus’ authority. As a father trusts his son to take over his estate, God gives Jesus charge of His most precious creations, humans. The whole chapter gives praise that Jesus is our salvation and this gospel is worthy of any trials and suffering we may experience. 

How then can some remain so stedfast in their denial? It is pride. They have convinced themselves of their own worthlessness and hopeless existence. The unbelievers that perpetuate such false information have made themselves enemies of God. They live to satisfy themselves every moment because there is no point to compassion or concern for others. Those who choose to believe that humans are nothing more than evolved fungus, also, believe that life will end with climate change, human population should be controlled, babies are nothing more than tissue and after physical death there is nothing.

(Colossians 1) The historical findings only support that Jesus came and changed the world in His life, death and resurrection. No other single, person has had such a profound positive affect, on the whole world. The true believers make the difference. The purist that came across the ocean to American believed that God loves people and hates sin. While our godly, historical roots have been nearly snuffed out by those who profit with lies, in the end truth will win. They knew that the love of God through Jesus changes hearts in a way that benefits all humanity, respects life and property and champions liberty for all. In this chapter, Paul calls believers to live out the glory of God. We are to be joyfully living in the light and sharing the gospel. We should each be glowing as we share the amazing gospel of Jesus. He changes hearts and makes us precious treasures for God.



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