Priority Proves

Jesus shows us priority in relationships. Mark 3:31-35NKJV

On my own, I am unable to keep the commandments of God. My relationship with Jesus Christ inspires my willingness, ability and courage to obey God. My obedience to God cannot be true if there is no relationship with Jesus. In Mark 2, Jesus was dealing with demons. Here, Jesus is continuing to deal with hard hearted individuals that rejected Him, as the Messiah. They were tempting Him away from the work God had assigned Him. Jesus knew their intent and refused. He teaches first that my relationship with Him is paramount to my success at obedience to God.

Second, Jesus shows us the priority of relationship. His relationship is first to the Father affecting obedience in every lower relationship. My relationship is first with Jesus which makes my obedience reorganize priority of relations. Jesus explains that in Him who is family changes. Jesus will fill those empty places that human family members and friends fail to fill. Jesus' love is pure and perfect. He is the mother, sister, brother that can never fail to lead me into obedience. He calls me to obey God by loving Him and His children. All relationships I share with this family have or should have Jesus as their priority.

Thirdly, earthly relationships are subject to my obedience to God because of my relationship with Christ. This means that my physical and emotional relationships and responsibilities must not encroach on my obedience to God. Yes, some emotional attachments will be sacrificed, some earthly expectations may be unfulfilled because they do and would contradict my relationship with Jesus and obedience to God.

There have been times in my life when I have been asked to, encouraged to, and/or expected to disregard spiritual commands and convictions by friends, family, co-workers and other people who can affect my earthly life. It happens to all of us. How we ought to respond is exemplified by Jesus, in this passage. How does my reputation and testimony point to my gratefulness and love for Jesus? My priorities reflect and prove my Savior and God.

by Mickey

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