The One Thing

19 0324
One thing I can desire to the extent that I seek after it, is the same as many before me. Mary (Luke 10:42) chose the good part at the risk of displeasing those around her. Mary recognized the moment to seize the One Thing she desired. Solomon, his father, David, and many others have, also, desired this One thing.(Psalm 27:4)
So I seek for the way to dwell with the Lord and behold His beauty. My seeking requires (Jeremiah 10:13) a willingness to abandon all else in my search for it. Risking all, banning no effort too great (Luke 11:9-10). The ultimate admission that no ability that I have can make the way for me to earn the opportunity to dwell with the Lord. 
Yet, My Lord, has made a way by providing the One who will make me suitable to be in His holy presence. This privilege is bought only with the blood of the purest Lamb. This lamb couldn't be an animal because they have no choice, no hand in life or death. 
Our Lord, from the first word of time, planned to send the One, who is life and holds time. (John 1:1-5) Jesus came for the purpose of delivering us from the judgement of our sin. Jesus loved His Father and purposed at His beginning to be the way for us to approach God, to dwell with our Father. Only Jesus lived perfectly, suffered, died and rose again, ministered and then ascended to heaven charging His followers to be vigilant in their waiting and recruiting for His return. Only Jesus was present at the beginning, so that even time and the signs of heaven were set to mark His milestones of life. Only Jesus' living and dying would have shaken the whole earth.
As we work our way through this week, let us notice the return of life to our neighborhood, let us see the earth reaching, seeking the glory of the Lord, and let us rejoice that the One for us holds victory over death and He continues to give life to all who want The One Thing found only in Him.


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