Transcending Class with Compassion

Jesus was angry at their lack of compassion. Mark 3:5NKJV

Every person is valuable to Jesus. Matthew 10:31 NKJV

Don't get tired of sharing God's compassion with willing souls. Galatians 6:9 NKJV

Jesus healed the withered hand, on the Sabbath. I have always been awed by Jesus' boldness, here, in these first six verses of Mark 3. The miracle of healing is fantastic on it's own but there is so much more to this action. Jesus healed the man physically, spiritually, economically and socially. The Pharisees lacked compassion. They pretended to care that Jesus was breaking their rules of the Sabbath. 

I think the Pharisees had more reasons than lack of compassion to keep the man, with the withered hand, from healing. The Pharisees were upper class Holy guys, or they considered themselves such. They had a say on who gets into the temple and who doesn't. They were a proud lot and celebrated, even flaunted, their knowledge of scripture, rules, ceremony and traditions. This man with the withered hand had most likely been kept out, excluded from a lot of normal activity. Employment would have been difficult and his abilities to socialize, worship and work were affected by his economic deficiency. He was willing to try but I wonder how many people gave him the opportunity.  The Pharisees would have laughed at the man's attempts at worship, like they sneered at the widow's mite.

Jesus understood the urgency of his condition. Jesus recognized that the man's withered hand affected everything in his life. In less than two minutes, Jesus changed the willing man's life forever. The bigwigs did not miss the threat of Jesus, this man and His healing will change the world. 

Jesus has and does change lives. His compassion is never failing and when introduced to any soul willing to be healed, He enables the impossible. The ground is level, at the cross. No one tells Jesus who to save. All economic, social, political and physical boundaries are erased in Christ. Christians! We must persevere in doing good. It's Christ like compassion that makes for liberty and justice for all.

from Mickey

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