Walk On in the Son

I cannot hide my sin and be prosperous. Proverbs 23:13

I will confess my transgression and receive forgiveness and mercy. Psalm 32:5

Repent, that Christ will restore my relationship with God and the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38

We must carefully consider that conviction of sin is not the same as confession or repentance. Mark 1:1-8 describes John the Baptist and his ministry. John did not tell people just to notice sin. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes and mind to recognize sin but this recognition does not constitute confession or repentance. Once we recognize sin we make choices about it. We choose to deny it, hide it, or confess it. Our first point is made by Solomon that no prosperity is gained in hiding sin. We can see the grave consequences of greed, covetousness, lascivious living and selfishness. Yet, those seem to be profitable. This is the fooling of Satan. Beneath the apparent, worldly, success is monumental failure and spiritual cancer. 

Confession is the willing and oral recount of transgression and admission of error, recognizing the inadequacy of my human state. There is something about confessing out loud that I have offended my Lord and Savior. I don't mean confessing to a priest or just a person but to Jesus, himself. When my heart kneels and I make a serious and open confession of my sin, grasp a firm resolve to avoid it and adopt hatred toward it, my repentance is true. There is something about bringing it to Jesus, in humility. I can honestly leave it at the foot of His cross. In Him, I have the power, courage and energy to pursue holiness. I turn my face to the Son and walk on, enjoying the sweet commune of the trinity for the rest of my eternity. 

By Mickey

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