Wealth of God

The wealth we have in God is not measurable by worldly standards. Many churches, today, preach a prosperity gospel. This is a manipulation of God’s word to evoke the idea that one will be financially prosperous through religious obedience. A primary problem with this is that obedience to God’s law brings a natural peace and ability to live outside of debt and avoid quite a bit of the trouble that comes with bad behavior. This does not bring salvation for the soul. It is superficial and many that follow, experience a sort of  peace and prosperity but not that which is promised by God through Jesus Christ. We are warned that  following and truly making Jesus Lord of our life will cost us so the prosperity gospel is not only false but dangerous.

Joshua 1:5-9
Contrary to modern media it is not sin to prosper. In fact, prosperpity was promised by God to His people if they would obey and dwell in His words. Many of our citizens believe that it is wrong to own property, to be wealthy and to prosper. Yet, this is contrary to the word of God. The God of heaven and earth wants us to prosper but the wealth must come through the acknowledgment that He own it all. Much responsibility comes with wealth. In this same manner, what is wealth? I don't believe that God measures wealth and prosperity the same way as man.

This is why one elderly couple has two million dollars and two children that work in a field where others would not go because it doesn't pay well. Another elder couple barely have enough to keep a good running vehicle but they have eight children amoung who are doctors, lawyers, nurses and such. Both are wealthy but not equal.The measures for prospering depends on our faith in God to bless us according to His measure.

The command to hold Him as the highest authority, dwell in His word, not covet or envy another's blessing is God's way of helping us understand that in Him alone is our wealth. His word teaches us kindness, love, patience, joy and faithfulness because we cannot imitate Him if we are too busy trying to make ourselves wealthy by worldly standards. Even people with lots of money get lonely. Our church congregations are where we are instructed to minister to needs unmet. In Christ it is okay to prosper, be rich in material things or not, if we dwell in Him then we understand that wealth is simply a matter of God's perspective.

Mickey 5/16/19

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