When God Speaks

God spoke from above. Mark 1:11NKJV

God said from above, "Hear Him". Matthew 17:5NKJV

There are two times in the New Testament when God the fathers speaks. Think about that for a minute. In the Old Testament we know that God had regular conversations with specific people. We know that He spoke to the people through prophets, judges, priests and leaders. In the verses listed above, God speaks to more than one person simultaneously. Imagine that! These people were not looking for wireless speakers somewhere. They did not think they had been tricked because there was none of this tricky technology. They knew it was the Creator of the universe. 

Why then? First God establishes that Jesus is His Son and is righteous bringing pleasure to Him. It is significant at the beginning of Jesus bringing the gospel to the world. Second, God says "Hear Him". Here, near the end of Jesus ministry a clear command from God to listen to Jesus. It has an urgency in the tone. I wonder what the disciples felt when they heard his voice? God spoke out loud and people knew it was Him.

Today, we have the word of God and if we are willing to study and pray we will hear God speak to us. However, God loves us and will speak to us in different ways because He is personal. Even so, He will always reveal that Jesus is His Son and has the authority of forgiveness and comfort. When God speaks, He smiles at Jesus.

from Mickey

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